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A480 Combination Pusher Tool

Pneumatic Tools for Steel Strapping

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The A480 Combination Pusher Tool supports 1/2" (13mm). 5/8" (16mm), and 3/4" (19mm) Steel Strapping and can handle both Regular Duty and High Tensile strapping thicknesses from .015" (.38mm) to .025" (.65mm).

This tool requires the use of pusher type seals.

The A480 can be used with an overhead balancer but is not required.

The A480 can be ordered with high tension / lower speed or low tension /faster speed. High tension is normally used on HT and lower tension on regular duty steel strapping. Please consult us for more information.

Hi Tension is 1000lb max ( 453kg) speed is 4"/sec ( 100mm /sec)

Low Tension is 560lb max (254kg) speed is 7.1"/sec (180mm/sec)