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PNEUMATIC COMBINATION PUSHER TOOLS (HEAVY DUTY), .024" (0.61mm) - .044" (1.12mm)

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Strap Width
Strap Thickness
More Info
3/4" (19mm)
.024" (0.61 mm) - .031" (0.8 mm)
Up to 2030 lbs (920 kg)
Quality European Made

The JEM-PNSTSR-2B34 is a powerful and reliable pneumatic strapping tool for 3/4" (19mm) steel strapping. It is designed to use in heavy duty industrial applications. The new 2 buttons model is equipped with a STOP button.


  • Package type: Flat surface, Round surface
  • Strap quality: Steel strap Rmax. 1100N/mm² (HT)
  • Strap width:
  • Strap thickness: .024" (0.61 mm) - .031" (0.8 mm) Rmax. 1.100N/mm² (HT)
  • Max. tension: Up to 9000N (2030 lbs / 920 kg)
  • Max. tension speed: 6 mt/min (16.68 ft/min)
  • Joint type: Overlap (Pusher) Seal double notch (L. min: 45 mm)
  • Weight: around 22 lbs (10 Kg)
  • Air pressure: 6 - 7 bar max (87 to 100 PSI)
  • Air consumption: 12 l/s (.43 CFS)


This tool can be combined with our JEM-TB6 tool balancer for easier use and to help protect your tool.