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Manual Heavy Duty Sealer

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The S34DRN Sealer is for 3/4"(19mm) from .025" (.64mm) to .035(.89mm) Steel Strapping. The S34DRN is a side action, heavy duty, double reverse notch sealer. This sealer features a safety lock mechanism that ensures a correct seal joint is achieved. This is a high quality USA made product suitable for heavy use.

On flat surfaces you would use a 717 semi open seal.

On round surfaces you would use the 703-S heavy duty pusher seal or the 703LHD heavy duty pusher seal.

It is very important that you use the correct sealer and seals for your strapping application. Note that without the proper sealer and seals, the seal joint efficiency may not meet the specifications listed in the ASTM Standards for steel and non metallic strapping. Please contact your sales representative for assistance in choosing the proper tooling and seals for your application.