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STEEL PNEUMATIC CRIMP SEALER, .040” ( 1.01mm ) to .050” (1.27mm)

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This tool applies a crimp type joint ot the seal & strap.  It is used on high volume production and can be used in awkward positions.

This tool features pistol grips that are lightweight and can be used one handed while other diaphragm type tools require the use of both hands and better suited for heavy duty applications.


The ASC-1444SE uses an 803 Seal.  This tool weighs 22 lbs and can be combined with our JEM-TB6 for easier use and to help protect your tool.


For a 1-1/4" (32mm) pneumatic tensioner, we recommend the JEM-PHDX114 with roller base (You must request the rollerbase version when ordering)


This tool is only capable of sealing straps, so to reduce the workload of using multiple tools, please consider our combination tool, the JEM-PHDC114-044 (You must specify that you need the .044 version as this is a special order tool).  If you are using .050, there is no combination tool available for this thickness strapping.